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Cape Coral Foreclosures – Great Opportunities for Buyers! Cape Coral, FL   Cape Coral buyers, Paul & Sharon came to visit me last week. They are looking for a nice home in Cape Coral, Florida. What they wanted was a slight stretch but we were able to find a few homes to go check out. Their … Read more

How NOT to save your home

I just read this article about a woman who shot herself as the sheriff’s department was attempting to kick her out of her foreclosed home – read full story here  Please, don’t try this at home! If you are having problems with your mortgage try your other options first. Your LIFE is so much more … Read more

Cape Coral short sales and Cape Coral Foreclosures

Are you looking for a great deal with a Cape Coral Short Sale or a Cape Coral Foreclosure? We can send you a new list each week for your review. Just select from below what you are looking for and we’ll do the rest. The list will be sent via email so make sure your … Read more

Invest in Short Sales | Cape Coral Short Sales | Ft. Myers Short Sales

Invest in Short Sales | Cape Coral Short Sales | Ft. Myers Short Sales Are you interested in Cape Coral short sales? Want to hear the truth about them? Do you and/or your agent understand them? One thing that I think is VERY important is to note the source of the information you find. How … Read more