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Online Foreclosure Auctions
Hit Lee County

Lee County became the 14th county in Florida to begin
foreclosure auctions online.  It was put in place to cut the
county’s cost associated in traditional court house auctions. They have
eliminated the need for extra manpower freeing up much needed county

With so many foreclosures in the Cape Coral and Fort Myers area this
method just makes sense.  By holding the online auctions they are
able to reach more potential buyers and investors hopefully resulting in
a greater sales price and maximum exposure for each property.  The
website is user-friendly and lists all pertinent information regarding
each property.  Times, and dates of upcoming auctions are featured
on an interactive calendar.  When you have selected a property all
information including case details, are easily accessible.

A proxy bidding system is set in place.  Proxy bidding is much
like EBay in the fact that you set the maximum amount you are willing to
pay and the computer automatically increase you bid at $100.00
increments each time your current bid has been surpassed.

This online auction was created by the a
Fort-Lauderdale based is privately owed company
that specializes in the advertising and sale of delinquent tax
certificates for County and municipal governments.

To sign up for this service visit:

It is easy and free to sign up.  They have made available a
tutorial that will help you understand the process and easily navigate
through their site.

If you would like more information please follow the link above.

If we can help you any way please doesn’t hesitate to call. While
visiting our site please feel free to use our MLS search engine.

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