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Cape Coral, FL   Cape Coral buyers, Paul & Sharon came to visit me last week. They are looking for a nice home in Cape Coral, Florida. What they wanted was a slight stretch but we were able to find a few homes to go check out. Their hopes: SW Cape Coral / inground pool / city water & sewer / good condition / price under $100,000.

I love a good challenge so we scoured the MLS (multiple listing service) and eliminated many on looks alone. We were left with 2 decent possibilities. As we go to head out the front door of Florida Future Realty, Inc., in walks Stephanie from ABC 7 News. She has interviewed me previously for another story. She is doing a story about the foreclosures in Cape Coral and the city’s plan to help clean up the situation. She is looking for some sort of list of addresses of foreclosures. Since we were on the way out I didn’t have the time to print out a list for her but I invited her to follow along. She agrees, Paul & Sharon agree and off we go. I can send you that list each week if you’d like: Cape Coral Foreclosure \ Cape Coral Short Sale List

The first house we look at is only $94,500. It is in OK shape but it needs more cosmetic work than my customers are looking to do. The next one we look at is GREAT though. After the news team leaves we spend quite some time really looking at the house. They are very interested in this. And it is only $104,500.  I tell them it is a good price and that they may already have an offer. They want to think about this and after they leave I call and talk with the listing agent. He advises that there is another offer but encourages us to submit a back up. That evening I meet with Paul and he signs an offer. I present it later that night. No word. The next day we hear that the other (original) offer is looking pretty good. My customers will still keep their offer on the table as a ‘back up’.

A bit discouraged now, my customers, Paul & Sharon ask that I keep searching. I find a few others but nothing as nice as this last one.

They headed back home with nothing under contract 🙁 But I’m still keeping my eyes peeled for a house that will fit their wishes. I’m sure we’ll find something else good. It might just take a tad longer.

Fun news: We were all on the news that evening that we looked at those 2 homes.


(This photo was taken in the uglier home for $94,500)

Nothing big but here it is:

ABC7 Appearance


Lessons learned:

1) There are some amazing real estate investment opportunities in Cape Coral, Florida

2) Being on the news is fun – even though my customers weren’t 100% up to it (you were both GREAT sports)

3) Properties that are priced right are moving quickly!


If you’d like to search for homes in Cape Coral, Florida please let us know. Myself and my team of licensed real estate agents look forward to working with you to find the best deal for you. Everyone is looking for something different. There are houses priced from $50,000 to 2,000,000 in Cape Coral so there is one suited for you & your needs.

See homes in Cape Coral by price range or search thousands of cape coral real estate listings! Anytime 24 hours a day from the comfort of your own home. When you are ready to see them in person let me know!

I look forward to working with you!

Yours in Success,


Susan Milner

Florida Future Realty, Inc.