Cape Coral 2014 2nd Quarter Real Estate Market Stats

How’s the Cape Coral real estate market? It’s really good. Good for whom? Depends. Are you looking to buy or sell?

This post is focused more for the seller as we want you to know where your house’s value stands in the current Cape Coral real estate market conditions. But if you are looking to buy knowing these statistics will help you as well. If you click on the menu to the left you can also navigate on my website to read more buyer or seller specific posts. Alternately, you can always call or email me for specifics pertaining to your individual real estate needs.

The average home sold between 01/01/2014-03/30/2014 – $305,634 compare that with the average for the same time period in 2013 – $268,596 – Guess what? That is a 13.8% increase in average sales prices. (Keep in mind I am only following the 33914 segment for this article. If you would like statistics for your specific property/area please let me know & I will gladly prepare that for you.). So if you didn’t sell last year (when again we saw about a 13% increase) you can sell this year for that increase yet AGAIN. How long will we keep seeing these 13% (ish) increases? I’m not sure because I left my crystal ball with the card reader but since values have been increasing fairly rapidly for a few years now I’d guess it won’t keep increasing so much for too much longer.

The average home sold between 04/01/2014 – 06/30/2014 – $314,773 while it was only $263,784.13 in 2013 for that time period. That equates to about a 16% increase in average values!

So what should you do? If you NEED to sell, now’s a great time. If you really WANT to sell now might also be a prime time. We are heading up into our busy season (Fall/Winter) and I know one thing for sure. The likelihood of finding a buyer for your unlisted house is pretty slim.

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Interested in taking this down a step further to focus on gulf access properties? 04/01/2014-06/30/2014 the average sales price for a single family gulf access home in Cape Coral, Florida was $487,758. Compare that to the same time in 2013 & it was only $410,635. That’s about a 16% increase!


Cape Coral real estate market stats: PREVIOUS POST from 2012 below:

The Cape Coral real estate market is heating up. Were you aware that homes sold in the 33914 zip code increased in value (sales prices) by 13% from 3rd quarter 2011 to third quarter 2012? That is a pretty significant increase in home values.

The average home sold between 6/28/11-9/30/11 was sold for $188,933
In 2012 between 6/28/12 and 9/26/12 (date of writing this article) the average sales price in 33914 was $212,643. That equates to a 12.5% or rounded up 13% sales price increase in SW Cape Coral zip code 33914*.

I just finished creating a postcard to go out to let the homeowners know about this data. If you should be one of my neighbors who receive the card and are interested to know exactly what the value of your Cape Coral home is just let me know. I’m more than happy to discuss the value with you. Even if you have no intentions of selling at the moment.

If you’d like to discuss me listing your property in SW Cape Coral for sale I’d be honored to help you with the sale as well.

I hope this excites you as much as it does me, another SW Cape Coral homeowner!

P.S. If you are considering a purchase here in SW Cape Coral you might want to stop waiting on the sidelines and make a decision. We can help with that too 😀

As always, make it a wonderful day!

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* data derived from our local real estate MLS to establish these values (may not include all sales)

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