Florida Future Realty, Inc.s Marketing Plan is Different! Here are some of the reasons why (contact us for a more in depth list) FREE CCMA (Confidential Comparable Market Analysis) Electronic lockbox showing who views your home & when Constant Feedback on showings! Thousands of BUYERS are searching our websites every week! Also listed on Realtor.com … Read more

Cape Coral Short Sales | Cape Coral short sale advice

Cape Coral Real Estate – How Short Sales should work – our opinion Short Sales and How I Think They Should Be Handled   First of all I do not believe that any real estate agent should list a home as a short sale without having done some research first.     Research   You … Read more

How NOT to save your home

I just read this article about a woman who shot herself as the sheriff’s department was attempting to kick her out of her foreclosed home – read full story here  Please, don’t try this at home! If you are having problems with your mortgage try your other options first. Your LIFE is so much more … Read more

Cape Coral Spreader Canal

I live across the street from what is known as the Spreader Canal in Cape Coral. It is a 200 foot wide canal along most of the west coast of Cape Coral. Beyond this spreader canal is a preserve area of mostly mangroves. Tonight the sunset was so pretty I grabbed my camera and snapped some … Read more