Cape Coral Real Estate Listing – EXPIRED?!?

Did your listing agreement for your Cape Coral or Ft. Myers property expire last week? Do you still need help to sell your property?


I ask because today I received several phone calls & emails from Fort Myers & Cape Coral homeowners asking for help. For whatever reasons their house, condo or investment property didn’t sell. I checked in our MLS and in the last week 1,198 residential homes in our local MLS (multiple listing service) EXPIRED!


I spoke to one gentleman today who is going to need a short sale on his Ft. Myers house. After we ended our phone conversation I looked up his property. It just expired on Dec 31, 2008. It had been listed with another agent & real estate brokerage office.


This is a lovely home in a gated community. The agent only had 2 photos of the Ft. Myers property. They used the photos from our property appraiser’s website. This consists of one front photo (with a truck in the driveway & garage door opened) and an aerial photo showing the roof. Are you kidding me? And the agent probably said they don’t know why it didn’t sell. Well I do! To top that off there were about 2 lines of description in the MLS. Basically, “Look, here is a Ft. Myers house for sale, you wanna buy it?”.  I’m guessing that this property can NOT be found on any real estate search websites either. It is truly sad. The seller should have known about this. The listing agent should have known better.


Why didn’t they try everything to sell your property? Did they think they’d get the buyer themselves & didn’t want to ‘share’ their commission? Did they just not know any better? OR Were they just lazy?


The good news for this seller is that he found us. We specialize in getting properties sold. I don’t take listings just to increase my inventory. I take listings to SELL them.  We help traditional sellers compete with the bank owned and short sale listings. Your house must STAND OUT.


We also handle bank owned and short sale listings in Cape Coral and Ft. Myers. Sometimes short sales take a little longer to sell but we still market them just as well as any other listing! We use multiple photos, a great description, video, etc! How could you not? And how could you not expect your agent to at least take multiple photos? Some real estate websites even allow up to 20-30 photos per listing. Think of the possibilities. Most MLSs allow for at least 10 photos. We make use of those available spots.


BUYERS WANT TO SEE PHOTOS – AND LOTS OF THEM. Buyers often even ask me to exclude any listings that do not have multiple photos. There are just too many ‘unknowns’ for them to deal with. Over 90% of buyers begin their search for a new home online. This means that YOUR LISTING must look appealing to them. The internet may not ‘sell’ your house but it will get it on their ‘list’ of prospective properties to view. 


Finally, if you have not checked to see how your listing appears in the local MLS or on national & international websites PLEASE go check. If your agent is not doing their best to show your house in the best light then let them know. Give them the opportunity to FIX it or hire a new real estate agent.


And most importantly, if you have property that you need to sell in Cape Coral or Ft. Myers, Florida please give me a call. I’ll give you the ‘real deal’ on value & market your property to its full potential.


Your time is valuable and selling your house is important to you. It shouldn’t be something you have to stress about after you hire a real estate professional! That’s OUR responsibility!


What do they say about employers? They should HIRE SLOW & FIRE FAST….so should YOU. Do your research! Ask Questions!


I’ll see you on the SOLD side J


Happy New Year!


Yours in Success,


Susan Milner


Florida Future Realty, Inc.

Call my cell: 239-218-2229

Or office: 239-542-8521


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  1. “Your house must STAND OUT”

    Very true, and it’s good to see you’re taking a proactive and steadfast approach towards helping homeowners. Best of luck and success in your efforts.

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