Cape Coral Buyers and Sellers Are You Looking for the Truth?

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We are all looking for the truth right? Well I’m sure some are not. Some people thrive in drama filled environments that may consist of lies and deceit. But here at Florida Future Realty, Inc. we don’t believe in that. We have no gimmicky pitches to sell you on our services. What we do offer is authenticity, you know being real & honest? Of course we are also professional, experienced and ethical but that goes without saying. In this market sometimes the truth isn’t always fun to hear but it is necessary to make informed decisions.

I wrote the article below to assist others in hopefully turning on that ‘light bulb’ of the ‘ah-ha’ moment when you realize that being honest will gain you more friends and business associates in the long run. Feel free to comment below.

Do You Create a Pitch or Would You Rather Be Real?

Are you looking to have a successful business for the long term or are you looking to develop a pitch to generate some short term income and then fail?

I hope you picked long term because that is what this article is about.

Every day I see or hear about a company or individual using ploys or gimmicks to generate buzz and business. I’m sure this works for the short term but what about the long term? Well, those businesses fail, or at least those specific marketing campaigns do.

If you are looking to develop a long running, successful and profitable business then you have to be real. Consumers are savvy. They are researching more than ever. They ask around. They check facts. Making up stories will not win you business. People want to work with people who are real, authentic and honest.

Honesty is key. In today’s economy are the facts always fun to hear? No, sometimes they are not. For instance when I walk into a Cape Coral sellers house and have to tell them that their Cape Coral house has decreased 30% in the past two years. They aren’t happy to hear that. Who would be? But they appreciate my honesty. Especially when we sell their Cape Coral house by being honest and pricing it fairly. The converse would be an agent showing up and telling them their Cape Coral house is still worth the same as they paid 2 years ago, listing it too high and wasting everyone’s time and money for nothing. Sure at the beginning the Cape Coral seller was probably stoked to believe that they weren’t going to lose money on the deal. But 3-6 months down the road they are going to dislike their Cape Coral real estate agent very much for that misinformation. Now that real estate agent looks like a real jerk. Good luck relisting or getting any referrals from those Cape Coral customers.

The same goes for Cape Coral buyers in this market. Sure, there are a lot of great deals here in Cape Coral but we also know that there are pitfalls out there to be aware of. We discuss those in other articles especially when trying to buy a Cape Coral short sale or foreclosure. If you are not honest with the customer they get frustrated and end up finding another Cape Coral real estate agent to do business with. But if you are honest with them and explain how the process works and what to look out for then when challenges come up they are prepared for them. Sure, it might still be upsetting but it will be more toward the actual situation and less toward the real estate agent because the agent was honest and doing their best.

Whatever business you work in; whether you are an owner or an employee, keep in mind that people want to do business with people they like and who are honest. Get the information out to the customer and watch your business grow.

We look forward to working with you!

Yours in Success,

Susan Milner, REALTOR Broker/Owner ~ e-PRO, GRI, SFR, CDPE

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