Good News in Cape Coral

Good News in Cape Coral

What is good happening in Cape Coral? Well, it seems that anytime you search for “good news” and “Cape Coral” you find negative news. That is because pretty much all news stations focus on the negative. Whether it be crime, accidents, budget cuts or weather they sell more news when it is negative.

Don’t more people want to focus on the positive? I know I do. I rarely read any news. Why? Because it is depressing. I’d rather create my own happy news.

Cape Coral is a beautiful place to call home. With awesome weather year round, friendly residents, boating, fun & so much more!

How about the real estate market in Cape Coral for instance? Have you heard it is gloom and doom? Well, sort of. The values have been decreasing since the bust in 2006. Let me see if I can place a positive spin on this though. This allowed more homeowners to actually be able to afford to live in Cape Coral. In 2005 the least expensive house in Cape Coral was still about $250,000. Figure out the payments on that and not many ‘average’ people could afford to comfortably live here. Take that to our now $90,000 average house and it is a totally different story! Investors can also purchase homes that will actually cash flow now. Before that was completely unheard of. Sure, we still have more work to do. For instance, there are still too many vacant houses in Cape Coral. But we are selling those along with the regular occupied homes as well. To the tune of an average of about 500 residential homes per month in Cape Coral alone! That is a lot of inventory moving.

What about for sellers? You can see that there are great opportunities for buyers but are the sellers losing out? Nope! If they are upside down in their home and need to sell we can help them with a short sale. And if they have equity in their house there are plenty of buyers out there right now too! If they don’t need to sell, then they shouldn’t be trying to sell. That is easy 🙂

In closing, we all need to try to focus on the Happy Positive of ANY situation. Quit focusing on the negative and watch your life change. I hope you enjoyed this little ray of sunshine today!
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