Cape Coral Taxes

Cape Coral residents could possibly get another property tax
decrease this year, if the proposed budget is adopted.  The city
council has promised along with the decrease in taxes no services will
be eliminated, or no layoffs expected.  Cape Coral experienced a
15% decrease last year because of falling home prices.  The home
values have continued to drop this year so we are expecting once again,
another decrease in taxes. The millage rate could be changed accordingly

The Cape Coral city council will set a maximum tax rate on July 26th
2010 further tax cuts may be adopted before the final budget decision
in September 2010, and become effective October 1, 2010.  We are
hopeful that this new budget will help our Cape Coral residents in an
unstable economy.

This new budget comes as relief to home owners who can not afford
higher monthly payouts, or prospective home buyers needing to stay
within a specific budget.

Cape Coral is a wonderful and affordable place to live and work, we
hope that the low taxes and beautiful surroundings will continue to
attract people to our area.

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