Staging you home for success

What are the benefits to staging your home?

Selling your home in today’s market has proven to be a more
challenging task.  Inventory continues to be flooded with short
sales and foreclosures, that are driving down Cape Coral home values .
We need to be more creative than ever, and make your home shine
above the rest.

Home staging is preparing your home for sale, with a special emphasis
on presentation and appearance.

Staging a home involves things that will improve the look and feeling
of your home, such as design, organization and overall
appearance.  The goal when staging is to “wow” the buyer.
This will get your home sold quickly and for maximum sales price.

Think like a buyer.  Look at your Cape Coral home through the
eyes of potential buyers, what makes your home stand out? Then showcase
those attributes.   Tour other homes on the market and see
what stops you in your tracks, then implement those features in your own

Organize and de-clutter.  Clearing away shelves, closets and
cabinets is a big part of the home staging process.  Don’t forget
to get rid of personal effects such as family portraits.

Staging increases likely hood of a sale.  When selling your
home, you must do everything in your power to increase your chances of
selling.  These techniques can give your and extra edge in selling
the home quickly.

Staging reduces the home’s time on the market. Putting in the extra
effort to stage your home effectively, will decrease the time it sits
stagnant on the market.

Staging the home helps justify the asking price. We are in a buyer’s
market; you need everything in your favor to justify the asking
price.  Proper home staging will position your home as the front
runner in the minds of the buyers.

You can think of home staging as presenting your Cape Coral house in a
way that appeals to the largest possible audience, in order to ensure a
quick sale for the best possible price. Good luck, and start staging.

Yours in Success,

The Florida Future Realty Team.

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