Cape Coral real estate and BP Oil Spill

June 17, 2010

Cape Coral is located near the SW Coast of Florida. We are a peninsula surrounded by water. There are over 400 miles of canals throughout the city. Many of these canals lead out to the Gulf of Mexico while others are freshwater and connect to other canals and/or lakes. To say that we are anything BUT a waterfront community would be misspeaking. Cape Coral IS a waterfront community. Most homes on the water have a car in the driveway or garage and a boat sitting out back in the canal. Cape Coral residents love the water. They love to boat in Cape Coral. Cape Coral residents also enjoy fishing in and around Cape Coral. Many residents also enjoy the serene waterways and wildlife in Cape Coral’s waters even if they do not venture out often into the waters.

The BP Oil Spill has many people worried. Even though Cape Coral has not been directly affected by the oil spill all of us have been indirectly affected. Watching the sad photos of the wildlife covered in oil is enough to make anyone angry. Hearing about loss of income for fisherman is sad for all of us. And for sure knowing that lives were lost in this accident is horrible.

My family and I have been to the beaches several times since the spill began. The water is still beautiful. We are not smelling any of the oil around here either. At the present time experts are saying that we are safe from the oil spill in our area of Cape Coral, Florida. Below is a photo taken this past weekend of Sanibel Causeway. There were many others out enjoying our beautiful weather & beaches.

Sanibel Beach
Sanibel June 12, 2010

We hope that this continues to be of no concern for residents of Cape Coral. We continue to assist buyers and sellers alike with their real estate needs as normal. There are many great opportunities for buyers in our area and as they are attracted to Southwest Florida this is also a good time for sellers to market their home for sale.

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