Hiring a real estate agent

How to pick the hire the perfect agent.

As with anything, the real estate profession is filled with honest
trustworthy agents, but there are those who give all hard working agents
a bad name, with their lack of knowledge and shady practices.
During the real estate boom, every Tom, Dick and Harry wanted to get in
on the action and unfortunately many did.  There are countless
stories of many of agents that ruined deals, artificially drove up
prices and were engaging in fraudulent practices with mortgage brokers
and appraisers, all for an extra buck.   Now unfortunately,
consumers are having a hard time trusting Cape Coral real estate agents
or brokers.  Now that the market crashed, we are left with the real
professionals wanting to provide consumers with exceptional service,
and honest business practices.

Here are some guidelines to help you pick the agent that is right for

Make sure you interview with the potential agent.

You need to make sure your personalities click; you will be spending a
lot of time with this person.  They need to fully understand your
wants and need and most importantly your budget.  Are they willing
to show you properties that are not listed by their Cape Coral
brokerage? Do they seem to be honest? Are they interested in developing a
long term business relationship with you? Many people buy and sell
multiple times in their lives, building a strong trustworthy
relationship with your customers can only benefit their business.

Do some research.

You can find out so much about a person by simply imputing their name
into Google and hitting search.  Visit their website; make sure
they have experience in the type of property you are looking to buy.
What have they sold? What type of property seems to be their specialty?
Most importantly, ask for references and make sure to call.

Ask your friends and family.

Most likely someone you know or are related to have bought or sold a
Cape Coral property recently, and can share some useful tips and
valuable information with you. Would they recommend their agents to you?
If they answered yes, what traits made that particular agent so
special?  What kind of overall experience did they have?

These a just a few tips to help you weed through the mountain of
agents a find the best fit for your needs.  Put your trust and
confidence in this person, they will be responsible for the largest
transaction of your life and because of that pick carefully.

Call our team of highly qualified professionals to answer any of your
real estate related questions.  Florida Future Realty is here to

Yours in Success,

The Florida Future Realty Team


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