Green Homes

Are You Living ‘Green”?

When you think of going ‘green’ and reducing your carbon footprint
what first comes to mind? “Instead of tossing out my soda cans, today
will be the day I dig out the laundry occupying my recycle bin and use
it as it was intended.”  Well that is indeed a great start, but if
we want to make a difference on the grand scale of things we can start
by reviewing the materials we use to build or remodel our existing
homes, or research the ‘green’ practices already in place in a home we
intend to purchase.  When researching home builders and modelers in
SW Florida, I came across many dedicated builders with the mission of
transforming existing or building more ‘green ‘dwellings.  Here are
some useful tips to incorporate in your next project.

What are some
things that make a home ‘green’?

  • Exterior paint with LRV (light reflective value) absorbs less heat
    in turn lowers your air conditioning costs.
  • ICF wall system a step up from the standard concrete wall systems
    includes two built-in layers of foam insulation.
  • 2″ overhangs help shed rain water away from walls and foundation
    reducing cooling costs
  • Solar or hybrid water heating system. Water heaters are the biggest
    energy waster of all your appliances.
  • Impact rated and tinted glass windows and doors.
  • Bamboo flooring vs. carpet; certain types of carpet can emit VOC
    gases that contribute to poor indoor air quality.
  • Heatlok Soy spray foam insulation uses recycled plastic waste to
    create rigid spray polyurethane foam.
  • Energy Star Appliances
  • Relocating your washer and dryer to the garage can help you save on
    air-condition costs.
  • Use any available recycled materials to remodel or construct your

These are just a few suggestions to help get you started on the path
to living a more ‘green’ existence. And most importantly ask your
contractor what he/she does specifically to incorporate ‘green’ into
their building practices.

As always, if we can be of assistance to you please call one of our
knowledgeable team members.

Yours in Success,

Florida Future Realty Team


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