Hybrid Hot Water Heater

Hybrid Water Heating System

Today is Earth Day; we all need to work together to save our planet
Earth form further and irreversible destruction.  If each person
takes one step forward in the direction of living “green” we will make
huge strides toward the big picture.  As Cape Coral home owners we
can take a close look at our appliances and the energy we are wasting
because of our out dated and less efficient models.

One new product to recently hit stores in Cape Coral and across the
country is a hybrid water heater.  This is an appliance that we
don’t think of to often, until we step into the shower one morning and
find it to be frigid.  Or worse come home from a long day of work,
and are greeted with a steady stream of water escaping from the front

Water heaters use the most energy of any household appliance,
and were not regulated by Energy Star until 2008′. About 17 percent of a
home’s energy usage stems from its water heater.  That equates to
hundreds possibly thousands of wasted dollars each year.
Unfortunately there are only a few hybrid water heaters on the
market at this time and they do cost considerable more than their
conventional counter parts- 2,000 to 3,000 for the few on the market

When you hear the word “hybrid” you automatically think of half gas
half battery powered car. Though hybrid water technology is still
evolving and can contain a combination of technologies, the term hybrid
actually refers to a combination of tank and tank less water heating
system.  The new water heater models vary. One of the few available
uses multiple passes of the heat and water to warm up more
efficiently.  The machine has 44 pipes that heat up, and the water
flows around them for quick heating.  Unlike a tank less system,
the hybrid heater contains a reservoir to hold water at all times so you
will never run out.

If it is time to replace your water heater in your Cape Coral home or
if you just looking to reduce your carbon footprint, consider a hybrid
water heating system.  It is not only great for the environment it
is also great for you pocket book.

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