Cape Coral Real Estate Home Sales

Are we still selling homes in Cape Coral? The answer is yes, and in
record numbers.  We have been getting so much negative national
media attention, that our ideas are clouded with misinformation.

The National Association of Realtors published their polls and it
shows that in 2009 with the assistance of realtors, 16,260 homes were
sold.  In 2005 when the housing boom began, the record was 12,123

However one significant change is the declining home prices. In 2005
the median home price was 278,200, now in 2009 we were at 90,400. This
decline is due to the record number of short sales and foreclosures now
flooding the real estate listings.  Sellers are now coming to their
senses and listing their homes more realistically, their homes are
worth significantly less from what they were selling for 5 years ago.
The fact of the matter is that homes are STILL
selling.  We may have to navigate through a few detours, from bank
negotiations to new lending laws, but properties are moving.

Buyers also need to understand that there are great deals to be had,
but when a property is under market value as many of them are, they may
sell very quickly and most likely there will be multiple offers.

So when searching for real estate in Cape Coral, we suggest you
secure your financing and act quickly when you find the right home at
just the right price.  Call one of our agents at Florida Future
Realty to assist you in your home buying experience.

Yours in Success,

Florida Future Realty Team


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