Selling Your Home in Cape Coral

It seems that buyers and sellers are still nervous about the housing
market in Cape Coral. We are getting calls every day from people anxious
with questions about selling their Cape Coral homes. “Is now a good
time?” “What are my options if it doesn’t sell?” They speculate on
conditions improving with hopes they will get what they owe on their
homes without having to put it on a short sale or worse, have it

The truth is, you, as a seller, will know when it is the
right time
. As real estate agents, we can assist you with your
process, we can also answer your question, but we certainly don’t know
when you are ready to let go of your house. Sometimes, taking a
“holistic” approach to home selling may work wonders for you. For
instance, if you look at the home selling process in the big picture or
the grand scheme instead of how it may affect you right at that
moment-it may  ease some of your stress about letting go of the

Big decisions like selling your home don’t come easy.
An experienced listing agent will know that and take your concerns and
questions into consideration when you speak with them.  Here are a
few tips to help you along the way:

1)      Interview Real Estate Agents

Ask questions that pertain to your specific needs. Decide what is
important to you in a listing agent. Find out what credentials an agent
has. Get references from past customers. Ask for testimonials from past
clients. Check out Real Estate websites and Publications. Ask the
listing agents to show you a marketing plan. A reputable agent will
offer a CMA (comparable market analysis) on your home so you can make an
informed decision about listing your home with them. You will know if
you and the agent are a good match-after all, you have to work together.

2)      Get Your Home Ready

Pack up personal items such as family pictures. You can even rent a
storage unit for a few months where your packed boxes of family
treasures can be out of the way from the new home owners. Stage your
home as if it was a showroom for customers to browse. If you need
assistance with staging your home, an experienced listing agent can
offer advice on how to get started.

3)      Get Rid of Clutter

Remove books from bookshelves. Clean and organize shelves and closets
in kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms. Put everyday items in a small bin
in a kitchen or hallway closet for easy access. Put knick knacks away in
a box and put in storage. Clean off kitchen counters. Think of your
home as a model home.

4)      Make Minor Repairs

It’s not necessary to start remodeling the outdated bathroom, but it
is a good idea to fix leaking faucets and cracked or broken tiles. Minor
repairs can also include, patching holes in walls, replacing burned out
light bulbs and fixing broken windows, doors and door

5)      Clean, clean, clean

This is the time to make your house appear shiny and new! A thorough
cleaning of windows inside and out will be a welcome sign for potential
buyers. A few more things to consider when cleaning and organizing your
home: polish faucets, re-grout tubs and showers, get rid of pet odors,
vacuum carpets, mop floors and replace worn out rugs. It is also a good
idea to make a clear pathway to your front door so that buyers feel like
they want to enter your home.

6)      Outside Area and Curb Appeal

It is best to look at your house from the outside in. Mow lawns and
cut down bushes or hedges that may be in the way of a clear path to the
front door. If there is a pool, keep it clean. Sometimes it is best to
hire a regular lawn and pool service if you can’t keep up with it
yourself. Other things to consider are to replace broken shutters, shine
the door handles and pressure clean driveways. Scrutinize your home
from a buyer’s point of view.

These are only a few suggestions to take into consideration. Again,
an experienced agent will be able to go over any other
areas of concern you may have.  Call the Florida Future Realty,
Inc. office for a no obligation consultation on selling
your Cape Coral or Ft. Myers home
.  The office is open
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