Cape Coral Real Estate Info

Cape Coral real estate can be a great investment for Foreign Nationals. Cape Coral is ranked #2 for global investors worldwide. Why do we think so many people are choosing to invest in Cape Coral real estate? For starters, the prices are still quite low compared with what you can find elsewhere. For instance, you … Read more

Cape Coral Short Sales | Cape Coral short sale advice

Cape Coral Real Estate – How Short Sales should work – our opinion Short Sales and How I Think They Should Be Handled   First of all I do not believe that any real estate agent should list a home as a short sale without having done some research first.     Research   You … Read more

Cape Coral Real Estate Economics

Cape Coral, FL  Are you concerned about what to do with your cash in light of the current economy? Have you considered investing in real estate? Are you looking for an investment property? Second home? Retirement property? SW Florida was hit hard with the decline as we experienced such a high in the boom. You … Read more

Gulf Access Properties Under $200,000 – WOW!

Did you know that you can now find properties in Cape Coral with access to the Gulf of Mexico for under $200,000? Many of these homes need repairs – from minor to major but for these prices – WOW! Check out the current available properties: Cape Coral Gulf Access Properties under $200,000   Florida Future … Read more