Gulf Access Properties Under $200,000 – WOW!

Did you know that you can now find properties in Cape Coral with access to the Gulf of Mexico for under $200,000? Many of these homes need repairs – from minor to major but for these prices – WOW! Check out the current available properties: Cape Coral Gulf Access Properties under $200,000   Florida Future … Read more

Invest in Short Sales | Cape Coral Short Sales | Ft. Myers Short Sales

Invest in Short Sales | Cape Coral Short Sales | Ft. Myers Short Sales Are you interested in Cape Coral short sales? Want to hear the truth about them? Do you and/or your agent understand them? One thing that I think is VERY important is to note the source of the information you find. How … Read more

Cape Coral Spreader Canal

I live across the street from what is known as the Spreader Canal in Cape Coral. It is a 200 foot wide canal along most of the west coast of Cape Coral. Beyond this spreader canal is a preserve area of mostly mangroves. Tonight the sunset was so pretty I grabbed my camera and snapped some … Read more

Cape Coral Foreclosure Problem

  I just finished reading an article put out by The Associated Press over at MSNBC about the amount of FORECLOSURES. Looks like our area – Cape Coral / Fort Myers – ranks #1 according to data supplied by RealtyTrac.  You can click to read that article here. Why all the foreclosures? I was asked … Read more