Cape Coral gulf access house for sale

                        This beautiful, new home in SE Cape Coral is ready for new owners. Located very near the Caloosahatchee River (only 1 bridge to navigate under). This very large home features a formal dining room, large living room, breakfast room and separate den or study. Spacious master bedroom has 2 walk in closets … Read more

Cape Coral Real Estate Compared to Black Friday

Cape Coral, FL   Real Estate news How our current real estate market relates to Black Friday.   We all know Black Friday. The day after Thanksgiving that so many rush out in the wee hours in the hope of finding that AWESOME deal on some electronic or other great Holiday gift.   We’ll compare the … Read more

Cape Coral Short Sales | Cape Coral short sale advice

Cape Coral Real Estate – How Short Sales should work – our opinion Short Sales and How I Think They Should Be Handled   First of all I do not believe that any real estate agent should list a home as a short sale without having done some research first.     Research   You … Read more

Tenants are you renting a pre-foreclosure?

Tenants Renting Pre-Foreclosures FOR SALE Property Management and Trying to Sell a Rented Home   Many of the houses we have listed for sale are in a pre-foreclosure situation right now. That’s ok, we do have experience with short sales.   But we also have many pre-foreclosure homes with tenants in place. No, we didn’t … Read more

Cape Coral Short Sales | Advice for banks

I’m a firm believer in only addressing a problem if you have the solution. The recent blog I wrote about Countrywide short sales sure caused a lot of comments, emails and phone calls. Not to worry, I have a solution. Read the full article about Countrywide Short Sales and the WHY behind this post. Here’s … Read more