Cape Coral Homes Insurance – Affordability of Florida Insurance

Cape Coral Homes Insurance – Affordability of Florida Insurance

As a Cape Coral real estate brokerage, we are often asked about the costs and availability of homeowners insurance in the SW Florida area.

Many believe that the costs are very high and others wonder if it is even available.

While many insurance providers have stopped writing in Florida after the busy Hurricane Season of years past, many more have opened up in Florida.

Many insurance companies have been around for many years while others are new to Florida.

There is an excellent website to give you an ideea of insurance costs.

You can click on ‘lee county’ for a list of companies and a quote from each.

Next, you’ll need to know about flood insurance. In my opinion, I think flood insurance is a good idea in Cape Coral, regardless of your location. If a big storm hit us directly we’d all be under water. But FEMA has a new map out with the different floodzones for you to review:

Here’s a link to a map of SE Cape Coral:

Floodsmart has a great article with questions to ask your real estate agent:

Feel free to contact a licensed real estate agent with Florida Future Realty, Inc. for local insurance contacts or for any real estate related questions you may have.

We have great home buys available here in Lee County, Florida.

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