Come On ~ Get Happy!

The end of my voicemail says to “Make it a GREAT day!”. One of my agents commented on that one the other day. “I like how you don’t say to have a great day, you say to make it a great day, because YOU have to MAKE it, it just doesn’t ‘happen’.

Yep, that’s correct.

I read so much negativity on here. Agents are concerned about sticking it out in the business or moving on to something else.

Other professions are questioning if anyone else is making any money.

Agents are complaining about their competition stating facts.

Some complain about the Foreclosures and Short Sales.

Agents complain about the ‘dumb’ agent or ‘annoying’ customer

Those posts get ‘featured’.


Why can’t we feature something that reminds us to:

Make it a GREAT Day!!!!!

cape coral sunset

Thats my hope for EVERYONE.

Wake up tomorrow and Make it a GREAT day!

We are here experiencing this life for a reason. It is to ENJOY life!

Sure we all have to make a living but most important before that is BEING HAPPY!

So whatever it is that makes you happy – DO IT!

So let’s look to the positive side of life and focus on what we DO want and stop focusing on what we don’t want!

This has been a public service announcement from Florida Future Realty, Inc.

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