Tropical Storm Fay Passes | Lee County Schools Re-Open

Tropical Storm Fay turned out to be less of an impact on our area, Lee County, than some may have expected. With lots of wind and rain over the late night and early morning hours, all is back to normal at my Cape Coral house.

In fact, some of the worst weather we experienced here was from an initial storm band that came through on Sunday evening. I posted a brief video of it: Tropical Storm Fay in Cape Coral. 

Lee County schools are scheduled to reopen tomorrow, Wednesday, August 20, 2008 as usual.

Many businesses are now posting that they are opened as well. We will be opened as normal, tomorrow, August 20, 2008 at Florida Future Realty, Inc.

Those in central Florida and along the Eastern coast should still be using caution and remain prepared. Tornadoes and flooding are very likely.



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Susan Milner

Real Estate Broker, Florida Future Realty, Inc.