Children Should Be Included in a Home Purchase

(I didn’t provide a link to the post because it is a members only blog and that wouldn’t be right, but it is a featured blog right now so you can easily find it)

rowdy kidsWell I just read a blog from another active rain blogger who wrote a post about how some children should not come with parents to look at homes as they are a distraction and oftentimes a safety hazard or possible liability (break something).


While I totally agree that children should be watched by their parents I also do not see the issue with the real estate agent assisting in the entertaining of the child(ren). On many occasions I have had children in my car, or their parent’s car along with showings.


While I will draw the line at changing diapers (yes, seriously nearly asked once); I have no issue to keeping little Sally or Tommy involved and out of trouble.  I have allowed kids to color while in my car, listen to their favorite music, stop for snacks/potty breaks, open lockboxes, etc.


Of course I can still answer any questions my buyers my have. Usually buyers can look through a house themselves. I’ve already told them the high points of the house.  Obviously you keep an eye on the buyers too – they shouldn’t be wandering alone either in some cases just in case.


They shouldn’t have to be bothered with hiring a babysitter. They shouldn’t exclude their children in the process, in my opinion. And if they do decide to exclude their children in their home buying process then I believe that that is THEIR decision and NOT their real estate agents.


Moving is a family event in my eyes. Involving them will make the entire transition smoother for all involved.


While I definitely believe that there are extreme cases of bad parents and possible bad kids, I think that overall having the entire family along for the trip is a good idea.


Besides, if you are in line with your ideal client/customer then I’m sure you’ll enjoy their whole family.


If you are attracting customers who have rotten kids or customers who don’t involve their children at all then maybe that isn’t the right customer to attract. On the contrary, if you truly hate children then don’t send out the thoughts to attract families. Focus on YOUR ideal client.


In conclusion, I was truly amazed at the number of real estate agents who commented on the other blog about their ‘awful’ experience with children on showings and just the general distaste of children in general.


I just can’t imagine the person who cannot see the good in children. But that’s a personal choice I suppose. Just be clearer on the type of customer that makes a good customer for you and the ‘wrong’ customers just won’t be attracted to you.


Yours in Success,


Susan Milner


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